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Are you a woodworker?  Maybe you make cabinets in your basement or garage all the time for your home and for others.  Now you have been thinking about how to build a wooden gun cabinet because you now have kids or grand kids and want to keep your gun secured aways from little hands.  A gun cabinet is an elegant way to store and protect both your guns and your family.

Traditional wood gun cabinets can be built to just about any size you want or need and out of any materials to match the decor of any room.  Their styling can include crown molding, raised panel doors, glass inset door or whatever your mind can dream up and your hands can build.  You should find a design that is larger than you need today so that you can accommodate growth in your gun collection.  It should also have a respectable lock and potentially even a lighted interior for added effect.

Finding wood gun cabinet plans on the Internet can be tricky.  Some sites seem to have gun cabinet design plans from decades ago.  Others are simple drawings that give no detail other than a schematic of the gun cabinet.  Make sure to find out if this plan is within your level of ability and the tools you own.  You would not want to purchase a gun cabinet plan that is made for Bob Vila and requires complex woodworking skills and just about every tool imaginable if you are just getting started with a miter saw and table saw.

Many of the sites that sell these will allow you to download the gun cabinet plans directly off the Internet in a PDF format.  While this may satisfy your need for quick gratification, you may have trouble trying to decipher the dimensions or plans on a small 8.5″ x 11″ piece of paper.  Many of the gun cabinet plans sold below from Amazon are printed on two 30″x40″ pieces of paper (much like a house blue print).  These are much easier to read and they will often have a full sized outline of any more complex piece that you can simply trace onto the piece of wood to be cut such as the gun racks.

Here are some great options from Amazon for gun cabinet plans:

Large 8 Gun Cabinet Plan

3 Sided Cherry Gun Cabinet Plan

You won’t be disappointed by the quality of the plans you can often find.

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