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Author: Todd Christiansen | Category: Gun Cabinets, Gun Safes

Gun cabinets were designed with two missions in life.  One is to display your gun collection for all to see safely.  This is does very well and there really isn’t any other cabinet or safe that can do it better.  With it’s glass doors and often lighted interior, the viewer can see, but not touch each gun and admire them.  Secondly, the wood gun cabinet is meant to protect your guns against theft.  Unfortunately, it is not as secure as other pieces.  It will keep out children and untrained adults, but a determined thief will simply break the glass doors or even destroy the wood sides to gain access to your collection.

An option that many gun owners have been considering is a hidden gun cabinet or hidden gun safe furniture.  These are identical in function, but not necessarily in security.

  • A hidden gun cabinet is a cabinet that is made to look like a book shelf or curio cabinet.  If you were to examine the cabinet closer, you would notice that appears to be deeper than the shelves would lead you to believe.  You may also find a key lock that looks out of place on the side of the unit or in the interior of the cabinet.  Inserting and turning the key would actually allow the back to either slide or swing out, revealing a 8-16 gun cabinet.  This hidden part of the cabinet is an excellent way to prevent a child or a thief that is in a hurry from coming across your guns, but still have access to the cabinet for display.
  • Hidden gun safe furniture has the same mission to hide the guns from a thief or child, but it does so in a couple different ways.  Some manufacturers take a standard metal gun safe and glue or affix magnetic wood panels or faux wood to the metal shell of the safe.  Others will actually install or build a metal box inside of a standard cabinet, giving it a much more secure container to hold your gun collection than just a wood gun cabinet.  Here is an video of a Stealth Vault.
  • One additional option if you are looking for a way to not only secure, but actually hide your weapons, would be a in-wall gun safe.  These are easy to install by simply removing some sheetrock in a closet or other inconspicuous area.  There are many manufactures and options such as the Homak® In – the – Wall Gun Safe.

Depending upon your needs, a hidden gun storage cabinet may be a great middle ground between owning a gun cabinet and a gun safe.

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  1. Yeah, I like the idea of a hidden gun cabinet. If there was a way to hide a biometric lock on one of these cabinets, that would top off this great protection mechanism. That would be just like something from the movies…

  2. They make them. Check this out: http://www.sleepsafe.com/customproducts.html

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