What is a Sentinel Gun Cabinet?

Author: Todd Christiansen | Category: Metal Gun Cabinets

So I have been hearing mentions of a sentinel gun cabinet in various forums and mentions around the web.  I heard both great reports and marginal reports about them.  So I decided to find out more about them.  I searched for Sentinel gun cabinets, Sentinel Gun Safes and Sentinel safes, but I could not find the company’s main website.  Strange that a company that was well regarded would not have a website.

I then decided to read some of the advertisements that popped up for Sentinel Gun Cabinets.  It turns out that this is a StackOn Safe model that they sold a number of years ago.  This was actually a metal gun cabinet that they manufactured in black and they had models that held either 8 or 10 guns.  You may still actually find them at Walmart or other retailers that have yet to clear out their inventory.

If you find one advertised or maybe at a garage sale or eBay, these metal gun cabinets are much like a high school locker with a little thicker steel.  They must be secured to the floor or wall to add security, but they can be opened with a fire ax or even a sledge hammer.  Hiding this gun cabinet can also help add security or placing it in a corner to protect at least a couple sides of it against a brute force attack is helpful.  They are considered locking gun cabinets, but the locks are rather wimpy.  Nothing like a gun safe.

Stack-on makes a new model that is green in color, weighs about 65 pounds and holds 8 long guns.  It does feature a full length piano hinge for the door for added security and a 3 point locking system.  The interior of this Stack-On gun cabinet is non-marring and a foam-padded bottom protects the butt of your guns against scratches.  Stackon also has a 14 gun version of this same gun cabinet for sale.  These are not high security gun safes, but will definitely keep a casual thief or a child away from your guns.

So the next time that someone is talking about a Sentinal gun cabinet, you will know that they are actually taking about a Stack-On product.

Update:  If you are looking for a replacement key, check out this post:  sentinel gun cabinet replacement keys.

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  1. Robert Bell Says:

    please does anyone have phone number for sentinel gun cabinets.
    I have lost my key the number on the back of the cabinet is 883 it’s a round key.

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