Sentinel Gun Safes

Author: Todd Christiansen | Category: Featured

There seems to be a lot of people looking for a Sentinel Gun safe when I review my searches on this site.  I did some research to figure out who manufacturers these safes and where you can purchase them.  Here is what I found.

I have heard of the Sentinel gun cabinet line that was produced by Stack-on several years ago and even sold at Walmart.  These are not really safes, but actually metal gun cabinets.  They were well made and held 8-10 guns.  Although they can be found on the Internet at some retailers still clearing out their back stock, they have been discontinued and you can’t find them on the Stack-on website any longer.  Stack-on has now replaced these units with their main line of gun cabinets.  These are some of the best metal gun cabinets out there.

The actual Sentinel gun safes are actually manufactured still by a different company, Brattonsound, in the UK.  They carry many models and judging by the pictures look like a hybrid between a gun cabinet and a gun safe.  They have multiple locking bolts and a thick door like a safe, but are very narrow and appear to be lighter weight construction (a 9 gun model weighs only 120 pounds).  Plus, they all come with single lever handles and a keyed lock.  Not exactly what you would expect from a gun safe.  Since guns are severely outlawed in the UK, maybe they don’t need a large or secure of safes?

But, no need to worry about exactly how these units are constructed as they are not available in the US.  The Sentinel Gun safes are sold by Brattonsound distributors in the UK, Australia, France and a few other smaller countries in Europe only.  They are not available in the US or anywhere in North America.

Although I could not confirm this, maybe Stack-on bought these sentinel gun cabinets, re-branded them as their own and sold them here in the US before they decided to produce their own.  Seems like that is a strong possibility.

Check out the Stack-on Gun Cabinets Here.


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